Privacy policy

MyEva and Pension Wizard take the privacy of your data seriously.  MyEva and Pension Wizard are committed to safeguarding your privacy while providing a personalised and valuable service.  This Privacy Policy explains the data processing practices for both MyEva and Pension Wizard which are trading names of Wealth Wizards Benefits Ltd.

We ask that you read this privacy notice carefully as it contains important information about MyEva and Pension Wizard; how and why we collect, store, use and share personal data, your rights in relation to your personal data and on how to contact us and the supervisory authority in the event you have a problem or complaint.

Italicised words in this privacy policy have their meaning set out in the Glossary of Terms at the end of this document

Who is MyEva and Pension Wizard

MyEva and Pension Wizard collects, uses and is responsible for certain personal data about you.  MyEva and Pension Wizard are required to comply with data protection regulation, and we are responsible as a data controller of that personal data for the purposes of those laws.

When we mention “MyEva”, "Pension Wizard,  “we”, “us” or “ourwe are referring to Wealth Wizards Benefits Ltd.

Wealth Wizards Benefits Ltd is registered in England and Wales (06030782) and our registered office is at Wizards House, 8 Athena Court, Tachbrook Park, Leamington Spa, CV34 6RT.  We are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, our Financial Services Register number is 596641 and we are registered with the Information Commissioner's Office Registration No: ZA163085.

The personal data MyEva and Pension Wizard collects and uses

MyEva and Pension Wizard collect personally identifiable information about you through:

  • The use of enquiry and registration forms.
  • Your use of any MyEva and Pension Wizard products or our services.
  • The provision of your details to MyEva and Pension Wizard either online or offline.
  • The provision of your details supplied to MyEva and Pension Wizard by your employer.

In the course of providing our services to you we may collect the following personal data when you provide it:

  • contact information
  • identity information
  • financial information
  • employment status
  • details of your dependants and/or beneficiaries under a policy (If you are providing information about another person, we expect you to ensure that they know you are doing so and are happy for their information to be provided to us.  You might find it helpful to show them this privacy policy and if they have any concerns please contact us in one of the ways described below.)
  • products

Special categories of data

Certain types of personal data are considered more sensitive and so are subject to additional levels of protection under data protection legislation. These are known as ‘special categories of data’ and include data concerning your health, racial or ethnic origin, genetic data, bio-metric data and sexual orientation.  Data relating to criminal convictions or offences is also subject to additional levels of protection.

MyEva and Pension Wizard may process:

  • health information and lifestyle information
  • details of any vulnerability;


  • criminal conviction or offence information when providing our services in relation to a range of products

MyEva and Pension Wizard doesn’t use any special category data (such as data about your health) in the automated process unless it’s strictly necessary to deliver our services and we have obtained your explicit consent to do so.

Information MyEva and Pension Wizard collects from other sources

MyEva and Pension Wizard also obtain personal data from other sources in the course of providing our services, including from your employer.  Where we obtain this information from another party, it is their responsibility to make sure they explain that they will be sharing personal data with us and, where necessary, ask permission before sharing information.

The personal data we obtain from other sources may include the following:

  • Your employer
  • Product providers/scheme administrators
  • Professionals such as your Solicitor or Accountant
  • Identification and verification checking agencies
  • identity information
  • sanction check information

How MyEva and Pension Wizard use your personal data

In order to deliver our services to you effectively MyEva and Pension Wizard may send your details to third parties such as those that we engage for professional compliance, accountancy or legal services as well as product and platform providers, MyEva and Pension Wizard also use Client Relationship Management systems (CRMs).  Where third parties are involved in processing your data, MyEva and Pension Wizard will have a contract in place with them to ensure that the nature and purpose of the processing is clear, that they are subject to a duty of care in processing your data and that they’ll only act in accordance with our written instructions.

MyEva and Pension Wizard also extract certain information from your data for the purpose of generating statistics, but it is not possible to identify you from these statistics.

The table below sets out:

  • how MyEva and Pension Wizard use your personal data.
  • the lawful bases upon which MyEva and Pension Wizard use your personal data.
  • who MyEva and Pension Wizard routinely shares your personal data with.

Automated decision making and profiling

MyEva and Pension Wizard use automation to make some decisions without any human involvement.  These decisions are generally based on factual data and can lead to quicker and more consistent decisions, particularly where large volumes of data need to be analysed.  When you use MyEva, or Pension Wizard your personal data will be gathered through the information that you give us, your data is then processed by MyEva or Pension Wizard to carry out our services to you.  If you’re unsure about the outcome of the automated processes or require more information about these; you can contact us to discuss or to challenge the outcome.

Use of cookies and other tracking devices

As is common practice with almost all professional websites, we use cookies, which are tiny files that are downloaded to your computer, to improve your experience.  The Cookies Policy describes what information we gather, how we use them and why we sometimes need to store these cookies.  We will also share how you can prevent these cookies from being stored, however this may downgrade or disrupt certain elements of their functionality. The Cookies Policy can be viewed here.

MyEva and Pension Wizard use tracking on some web pages, which records user movements, including page scrolling, mouse clicks and text entered.  The data we collect in this way helps to identify usability issues, to improve the assistance and technical support they can provide to users and is also used for aggregated and statistical reporting purposes.

Telephone calls

MyEva and Pension Wizard may monitor or record phone calls with you in case we need to check we have carried out your instructions correctly, to resolve queries or issues, for regulatory purposes, to help improve the quality of our services, and to help detect or prevent fraud or other crimes.  Conversations may also be monitored for staff training purposes.

Servicing and Engagement Communications

We use your personal data to identify and provide you with details of products and our services that we believe will be useful to you as a registered user.  We will only do so where there is a legitimate business reason to do so and where we believe such processing whilst not required by law is of clear benefit to you.  These engagement communications will have a limited privacy impact and will be of a nature that you should reasonably expect us to use your data in this way.

You can opt out of receiving engagement emails at any time; however, dependent on the products and our services that we provide to you it may not be possible to unsubscribe to all emails, as we may have a lawful requirement to do so in order to fulfil our contractual obligations to you.  



We may from time to time use personal data held about you to help identify, tailor and provide you with details of products from selected third parties that may be of interest to you.  We will only do so where you have provided us with your consent to email details of products and services of third parties and will do this in accordance with any marketing preferences you have provided to MyEva and Pension Wizard.

You can opt out of receiving marketing at any time.  If you wish to amend your marketing preferences, please contact us.

How long will MyEva and Pension Wizard hold your personal data

We will not hold your personal data for longer than is required under the terms of our contract for our services with you.  MyEva and Pension Wizard are subject to regulatory requirements to retain data for specified minimum periods.  In addition, we are obliged to treat our customers fairly in the event of a future complaint and therefore we reserve the right to retain data for longer than these specified minimum periods in order to allow us to investigate such complaints and, if necessary, defend a future claim against us, currently we hold most data for 7 years.  However, we may keep your data for longer than 7 years if we cannot delete it for legal or regulatory reasons; for example, MyEva or Pension Wizard has to hold pension transfer information indefinitely.  

We will therefore keep your personal information securely for as long as we need to for the purpose of providing you with financial advice under the terms of our services or for as long as we are required to by relevant regulations.  We regularly review the legal and regulatory obligations around the retention of your personal information.

Keeping your personal data secure

MyEva and Pension Wizard take measures to ensure the security of your data, industry best-practice is followed at all stages of the data life-cycle.  We are always working to improve the methods employed to secure your data, for example, data is encrypted when in transit across public internet links and stored in an encrypted format in our systems.  We limit access to your personal data to those who have a genuine business need to know it.  Those processing your information will do so only in an authorised manner and are subject to a duty of confidentiality.

We have procedures in place to deal with any suspected data security breach.  We will notify you and any applicable regulator of a suspected data security breach where we are legally required to do so.

You are responsible for your secure use of MyEva or Pension Wizard and for choosing a secure password when MyEva or Pension Wizard ask you to set up a password to access our services.  You should keep this password confidential and should choose a password that you do not use on any other site.  You should not share your password with anyone else, including anyone who works for us.  Unfortunately, sending information via the internet is not completely secure.  Although we will do our best to protect your personal data once with us, we cannot guarantee the security of any personal data sent to our site while still in transit and so you provide this at your own risk.

Transfer of your information out of the European Economic Area (EEA)

We will only ever transfer your information to processors based in other countries outside the UK and EEA where We consider that there are adequate safeguards provided for your information, with individual rights standards that meet the GDPR requirements and the use of these processors is necessary in the fulfilment of our obligations to you.  We currently engage some US-based processors to provide services such as data analytics and marketing communications.  To be clear, we shall only engage with processors based in other countries outside the UK and EEA where we consider that there are adequate safeguards provided for your data.

If personal data is transferred from the UK or a country within the European Economic Area to a country outside the UK or European Economic Area which do not ensure an adequate level of data protection within the meaning of UK Data Protection Laws, We shall ensure that your personal data is adequately protected. To achieve this, We shall, unless agreed otherwise, rely on UK approved Standard Contractual Clauses for the transfer of personal data from the UK, European Union, the European Economic Area and/or their member states and Switzerland to countries which do not ensure an adequate level of data protection within the meaning of UK Data Protection Laws or any other legally enforceable mechanisms for transfer as may be prescribed under UK Data Protection Laws from time to time.

Your rights

You have legal rights under data protection regulation in relation to your personal data.  These are set out in the table below:

If you would like to exercise any of the above rights, please:

  • provide us with information to identify you, e.g. name, address, date of birth; also
  • proof of your identity and address (a copy of your driving licence or passport and a recent utility or credit card bill); and
  • details of what your information request relates.

email: or or write to: Wealth Wizards Benefits Ltd, Wizards House, 8 Athena Court, Tachbrook Park, Leamington Spa, CV34 6RT;

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO)

If you are not happy with the way we are handling your personal data, you have a right to lodge a complaint with the Information Commissioner's Office.  It has enforcement powers and can investigate compliance with data protection regulation (

We do however ask that you please attempt to resolve any issues directly with us before contacting the ICO.

How to contact us

Please contact MyEva or Pension Wizard if you have any questions about this privacy policy or the information, we hold about you.

If you wish to contact MyEva, please send us an email or write to Wealth Wizards Benefits Ltd, Wizards House, 8 Athena Court, Tachbrook Park, Leamington Spa, CV34 6RT.

If you wish to contact Pension Wizard, please send us an email or write to Wealth Wizards Benefits Ltd, Wizards House, 8 Athena Court, Tachbrook Park, Leamington Spa, CV34 6RT.

Making changes to the MyEva privacy policy

We reserve the right to add to or change the terms of this Privacy Policy without prior notice.  If we change this Privacy Policy, we will post the new Privacy Policy on the Service, and it will become effective from the time of posting.  Please visit the Privacy Policy on a regular basis to ensure you have read the latest version to understand what we do with your personal data.

Glossary of terms

Updated on 24 September 2021 (v. 02)