How it works

MyEva delivers financial guidance and advice through personalised online journeys that help every employee build a healthier relationship with money.
Financial wellness that combines digital guidance with human support and advice.
The digital experience is backed by a team of fully qualified, financial experts and regulated Advisers who run educational webinars, deliver 121 employee support, and offer personalised financial advice for those needing more than just guidance.
Always on financial guidance
Online financial guidance personalised to individual priorities and goals.
Action oriented journeys
Wellbeing journeys that encourage action and progression.
Live webinars with Q&A
Push-based education engaging your team on common financial wellness concerns.
Personal financial advice
Expert financial advice that recommends what to do, how to do it, and helps get it done.
Always on financial wellness
Your employees gain access to personalised online guidance, tailored to their financial needs. With help and support available whenever and however they choose. From their desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile.
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A personalised email invitation gives every user secure access to MyEva
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They complete a simple financial health check in a matter of minutes.
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Their individual score, suggested actions and nudges are personalised to their needs.
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The targeted help and support reflects their financial wellbeing progress.
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On-demand access to articles, videos, calculators and interactive tools.
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Access to qualified financial experts whenever they need it.
Action oriented journeys
Your people can feel lost when it comes to key financial decisions and overwhelmed by the options and jargon they need to overcome. This often leads to inaction. MyEva journeys are specifically designed to break larger actions into several manageable tasks that encourage action and progression. As part of action oriented MyEva journeys, all users can also speak to a financial expert in a 121 financial consultation if they need additional support. At no extra cost, their 121 consultation will:
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Answer their questions in understandable language,
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Explain their options,
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Help guide them to the next best step.
Every consultation is designed to give them confidence to make the most of their money today, and in the future​.
What our users say
“I recommend [the Benefits Calculator] to anyone who wants to make sure they are not missing out.”
MyEva user
“Really pleased I had the session…it’s now made me feel much more confident about the future.”
MyEva webinar attendee
"Really appreciated talking with Jonny & the opportunity afforded me by my Company to do so – a Big ‘Thank You’ from me.”
MyEva 121 consultation user
Live webinars with Q&A
Included in the MyEva subscription are one-hour webinars, led by a financial expert, that all your team can take advantage of. These proactive push-based education sessions allow you to further engage your team around common financial wellness concerns.
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Key events in the diary, that encourage all your team to attend
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40 minutes of financial education
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20 minutes live Q&A where your people can get support from a financial expert.
You can also choose to tailor webinar support to the specific financial needs of your team, with a range of add-on webinar topics that target all employees, or those with specific financial needs.
Personal financial advice
Users who want more support can easily access expert, impartial financial advice based on their unique situation. Your people only pay for the service they need, with simple, clear, and affordable pricing that is considerably cheaper than traditional financial advice. We’ll recommend what they should do, how best to do it, and take the legwork out of getting it done. Your people gain confidence that the decisions and actions they’re taking fit their needs. And as an employer, you’re providing a priceless benefit – peace of mind.
“John was brilliant. He helped uncover in a really nice way what gaps I had… He talked through the options really clearly and delighted to go ahead with his advice. Thanks for your help.”
— Selena, MyEva personal advice user
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