MyEva in ITN financial wellbeing debut featuring Ipsen

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MyEva in ITN financial wellbeing debut featuring Ipsen
Wealth Wizards has featured in a programme series with ITN Productions Industry News and the Personal Finance Society (PFS) as part of their online news-style programme dedicated to ‘Financial Wellbeing’ to talk about their digital financial expert MyEva.

Wealth Wizards is joined by MyEva client Ipsen, a biopharmaceutical company, to explore the role of the employer in supporting the financial wellbeing of their employees when considering their employee benefits.

The programme series will focus on key areas of confusion including how to get the right financial advice, suitable retirement options and how to recognise a scam. It also highlights financial education and guidance services offered to individuals who are unable to afford or access professional financial advice. Wealth Wizards CEO Andrew Firth was interviewed to talk about MyEva, currently available to UK employers to support and improve the financial wellbeing of their workforce. Andrew was joined by MyEva client, Asad Ali, General Manager with Ipsen, a Biopharmaceutical company. The programme also featured Jess Hopwood, an Ipsen employee and user of MyEva who talked about how MyEva has already helped her take control of her finances and reduce her money worries.

With over four million days taken off work in the UK each year because of financial worries, the £1.6bn cost to British businesses each year is a clear challenge for all. The desire to support employee mental health remains top of mind for employers like Ipsen, along with the desire to tailor employee support and benefits packages to best suit their employees, thus enabling action and demonstrable improvement for employee wellbeing over time. This is a clear example of an employer taking responsibility to support and improve the mental health in their diverse employee population, where undoubtably, financial health plays a huge part.

Andrew Firth, CEO, Wealth Wizards commented: “We are delighted to take part in this production series to show how for some, a digital financial expert for every employee can be available in an instant, empowering the UK workforce to take control of their financial situation, with regulated advice support they may never have considered (or thought they could afford) before. Hearing from employers and employees how MyEva is making a difference is a huge step forward in support of our company purpose, to make regulated financial advice affordable and accessible to everyone.”

Asad Ali, Managing Director, Ipsen, commented: “It’s very important for Ipsen to support all our employees to achieve financial wellbeing for themselves and their families. This also complements very well the focus we have on supporting all our employees with the mental health and wellbeing. The anonymised data from everyone’s MyEva ‘financial health-checks’ tell us what worries are of most concern to our employees, ranging from ‘how do I improve my savings and investment?’, to ‘how do I plan for retirement?’, to, you can imagine very topically, ‘how do I cope in a crisis where things are perhaps not going as planned’. We can then tailor support to meet a real and relevant need, based on our workforce’s actual needs. It’s fantastic to hear from people like Jess who see this as a great benefit to have.”

The entire programme is available to view on the ITN Productions Media Hub and Finance section or can be viewed by attending a series of digital events hosted by PFS. An extract featuring Wealth Wizards and Ipsen can be viewed here.


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