HR tools to boost employee morale

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HR tools to boost employee morale
With many dealing with a remote workforce, HR departments have had to be innovative with the way they encourage socialising and make employees feel part of a meaningful team.

With chats around the water cooler not an option for the time being, workforces need new ways to connect with each other and tech is willingly helping to plug that gap.

Here's a list we've curated of the best digital tools to help your employees connect and feel more motivated about their work.

Tictrac: This app for workforces encourages employees to lead healthier lives by being more active and eating healthier. Catering for those with a competitive streak, it also connects employees with fun challenges and milestones to keep them engaged and active.

Officevibe: Stay attuned to the satisfaction of your employees by sending them a weekly pulse survey. You can find out very quickly any concerns that are bothering your people and work to resolve them before they become too big. It's also great for getting anonymous suggestions and feedback to improve the employee experience.

MyEva: Employee financial wellbeing is an important factor when it comes to keeping morale high. If your employees are worrying about their money, it will no doubt have an effect on their work. The employee goes through a quick financial health check to identify the areas that need improvement. They're then given guidance and goals to help improve their finances in the areas such as savings, pensions and mortgages.

Slack: In the absence of the kitchen, Slack has enabled teams to continue with the idle chit chat. The messaging platform can be broken up into channels on work and non-work interest groups. Wealth Wizards has its own collection of mutual interest Slack channels including #love-island, #Friday-club and #beer-and-pudding-guild - something for everybody!

Care First: Over the past few months, employee assistance platforms have been busier than ever before supporting employees. From mental wellbeing training, telephone counselling and videos to digital health tools, there's a wide range of benefits on offer to employees and managers alike.

With remote working on the rise, especially during lockdown but also beyond, we much embrace tech to reach our employees, no matter where they are working from. Shifting a company’s culture into an online space involves a lot of work but the benefits are sure to be significant.

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