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MyEva featured on
ITV financial wellness programme

We were approached by ITN Productions and the Personal Finance Society to talk about the importance of financial wellbeing in the workplace, together with an employer (and employee) experience of MyEva: a digital financial expert for every employee. Read more about it here or watch the video below:

77% of employees say that money worries are affecting their work.

In these difficult times, financial wellbeing has never been more important.
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MyEva is a digital financial expert for every employee at every stage of life.

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Assess their money situation

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Recognise where to take action

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Take steps to improve financial wellbeing

MyEva will help your employees think about how to take control in the now and develop a mindset to feel empowered to realise their future dreams, whatever they may be. A conversation with MyEva is the first step.

Help your employees reach their money goals

Improving financial wellbeing is about setting personal goals, for your life today, and the life you want to have in the future - a clear, easy path to follow.

Not everyone is familiar with 'finance speak'. We care more about the feeling that financial security brings; living stress free, spending more time with loved ones, creating memories and having peace of mind.

Trip of a lifetime

"That adventure of a lifetime."

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"More time with the grandkids."

Holiday home
"A home of my own."

Help your employees face their biggest challenges

The health score helps us both learn about your workforce in bitesize chunks, so we can address the actual issues facing your employees.

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Set goals to feel better about their finances

Money doesn’t motivate employees, but what they can do with it does. We help them set goals; whether long term or baby steps, we can show how to achieve them and what to do next.

Anonymised data on the financial wellbeing of your workforce

Identify the key financial concerns and priorities of your employees, highlight the key areas for improvement, and address these concerns.

Graphs and statistics from MI report

Easy to digest, relevant content library to help employees stay up to date at their leisure

Colourful communications and campaigns to help engage and prompt your employees as part of your wellbeing calendar

Where MyEva can help

Following an on-screen chat, MyEva helps you to identify which areas you might need to concentrate on. It gives guidance and help in many areas, depending on the user's own priorities and circumstances.

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Building up savings
Buying a home
Shopping bags
Managing regular spending
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Investing money for the future
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Preparing for retirement
Protecting from the unexpected
Credit card
Reducing debt
Saving into a pension

Our revolutionary digital chat bot combines education, guidance and regulated financial advice.

MyEva enables employees to take action and implement meaningful changes to their finances, no matter where their starting point. Whether they are currently struggling to get by each month, or require help in how to make their money work harder for their future, MyEva and our Independent Personal Advice Team are here to help.

What does the employer gain from world-class financial wellbeing support?

When you learn what's bothering your employees the most about their money situation, you can help by providing the benefits that they will appreciate the most. MyEva is also easy to implement as we do all the work!

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A great digital experience and increased employee engagement
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Empowered employees taking control of their finances
Quantifiable results to inform your wellbeing strategy
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Another great reason to work for you
"The anonymised data from everyone’s MyEva ‘financial health-checks’ tell us what worries are of most concern to our employees, ranging from ‘how do I improve my savings and investment?’, to ‘how do I plan for retirement?’, to, you can imagine very topically, ‘how do I cope in a crisis where things are perhaps not going as planned’. We can then tailor support to meet a real and relevant need, based on our workforce’s actual needs."

- Asad Ali, Managing Director, Ipsen

Youth Sport Trust
"We're really pleased Youth Sport Trust has implemented MyEva to our employees; not only giving them access to Covid-19 specific content, at such an uncertain time, but also helping them with digital guidance on many other financial topics."

- Helen Shuttleworth, Assistant Director, Youth Sport Trust

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