Wealth Wizards launches COVID-19 toolkit

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Wealth Wizards launches COVID-19 toolkit
Wealth Wizards has added a COVID–19 financial survival toolkit to ‘MyEva’, its financial wellbeing web-app for UK employers wishing to help employees during lockdown and beyond.

This has increased the number of ‘WhatsApp’-style chats offered by the digital adviser by a third and has enabled employers to help employees working remotely at a time when, for many, financial wellbeing has become financial survival.

The toolkit, which is available in the form of dedicated in-app chats, includes guidance in areas such as how to cope if your work situation changes, how to save on your daily spending and how to create a new household budget if needed.

People who interact with MyEva also benefit from links to trustworthy, jargon free sources of information and education.

In more complex cases, MyEva can introduce users to human advisers for a free 30-minute consultation on money issues, if needed.

Andrew Firth, CEO at Wealth Wizards, said: “MyEva offers any employee in any financial situation access to help and support, through their employer, even when furloughed. Now, more than ever, digital solutions that are capable of providing personalised help and support to millions of individuals at the same time, have never been more important.

“Our purpose as an organisation has always been to make financial wellbeing a reality for everyone, regardless of financial status or personal circumstance. Never before has this felt more relevant and this motivated our teams to create and release this toolkit in under three weeks.”

Both large and small organisations have launched MyEva in April, including Youth Sport Trust: “We’re really pleased Youth Sport Trust has implemented MyEva to our employees; not only giving them access to Covid-19 specific content, at such an uncertain time, but also helping them with digital guidance on many other financial topics”  - Helen Shuttleworth Assistant Director – HR, Youth Sport Trust

“The anonymised data in MyEva gives employers the opportunity to see what is worrying their staff the most and then to track how their financial wellbeing improves over time,” Firth added. “Many of us just need a comforting arm around the shoulder and this is exactly what our COVID–19 financial survival toolkit provides.”

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