Robo-IFA launches

July 1, 2019

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Robo-IFA launches
A feature in the FT Adviser with quotes from our CEO and Unilever

The launch of MyEva has been mentioned in an article on the FT Adviser, alongside a quote from our CEO Andrew Firth and one of our clients, Nicola Wells, Global Reward Director at Unilever.

"We know from experience that so many employers are looking to improve financial wellbeing in the workplace and importantly, measure the success of that improvement as part of their benefit and engagement programs."MyEva has been created with a personality that provides a supportive arm around the shoulders, nudging people to make better financial decisions that their future self will one day thank them for at an appropriate pace for all individuals, regardless of personal circumstances.

"At the same time, she will help employers develop policies and programmes that meet the needs of their employees so there is a double benefit."

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