Q&A: Meet Lynn Smith, Associate CIPD, our Chief People & Operations Officer

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Q&A: Meet Lynn Smith, Associate CIPD, our Chief People & Operations Officer
A financial services HRD and CIPD member for many years, Lynn’s strengths include risk management and business planning.

The cornerstone of our people strategy for over four years, our CEO Andrew describes Lynn as having; “...impeccable integrity” and “...most importantly 'gets the job done' every time.”

Having worked at major institutional brands including Zurich, Capita and three major IFA networks, as well as knowing the architecture of start-ups and scale-ups inside out, it is of no surprise that Lynn’s insights into workplace wellbeing have gone viral and have been viewed by millions on social media.

A former colleague at the RBS Group sums-up her impact perfectly; “...she is undoubtedly in the Premier League. I often wish for a team of Lynns.”

Q: Your CV is impressive. What would you say is your greatest career achievement so far?

It’s difficult to single out one thing, so I would like to say there is a theme to everything I have done in my career to date. That theme has been championing people and bringing out their strengths whilst utilising them for the benefit of the business.

Q: What inspired you to join Wealth Wizards?

The fact I had the autonomy to shape the way in which we engage with our colleagues. Also, the values that we stand for resonated with me. They are; Pioneering, Expert, Accessible, Reliable and Hungry and we do lots of work internally to ensure we’re always displaying those values to our clients as well as in the office, with eachother. Finally, the fact that we have a purpose which will deliver real change and value to those who need it the most is pretty inspiring stuff.

Q: What do you do in a typical day as Chief People & Operations Officer at Wealth Wizards?

There is no typical day! Monday is the day for checking in with all teams, in terms of performance against our quarterly objectives and getting ready for the week ahead. Tuesday to Thursday is  spent on time with my leadership team, either in meetings or working through blockers and leading on projects which will move my area of the business forward. Friday is the day I review the vibe in the office, which is the barometer that I rely on to see how engaged our employees are. I also use that day to respond to any feedback which has been given. I usually have a cuppa with the CEO too, so we can check in on the weeks’ progress.

Q: Which Wealth Wizards project/product are you most excited about?  

It has to be MyEva. Going back to our purpose, MyEva is a massive leap forward for companies like our’s who are working towards making financial advice more readily available for those who traditionally felt as if it was only for the super-rich.

Q: Tell us a little-known fact about you.

I am God Mother to five children and a respite foster mum to many!

For insights and posts from Lynn, click here to follow her on LinkedIn.

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