Q&A: Meet Elizabeth Basten, our Chief Marketing Officer

September 19, 2019
Q&A: Meet Elizabeth Basten, our Chief Marketing Officer
Learn all about our CMO Liz Basten.

With almost 20 years of marketing experience, Elizabeth, or Liz, is she’s more commonly known around Wealth Wizards HQ, has an MA in Strategic Marketing and has been our Chief Marketing Officer for one year; during which she has overseen notable momentum for our MyEva brand in particular.

MyEva is a fully-regulated digital independent financial adviser, bringing the best of human and artificial intelligence together - for more information on what Liz and her team have created, click here.

Liz is passionate about creating gender pay parity in the workforce as well as in retirement, constantly innovating in order to "change my daughter's future and level the playing field for women when it comes to pay and pensions."

Q: Your CV is impressive. What would you say is your greatest career achievement so far?  

A: Closing a £45 million deal to an audience of senior folk in a well known bank, on just 45 minutes of sleep in 24 hours, after pumping breastmilk in the car and absolutely nailing it (I may have collapsed afterwards).

Q: What inspired you to join Wealth Wizards?

A: I wanted to use my experience and skillset to genuinely make people’s lives better, which is a key part of the Wealth Wizards mission. To be able to say that I am contributing to helping society change for the better and not feel like a deluded optimist feels good. The changes we’re making to the way people manage their financial future are really happening!

Q: What do you do in a typical day as CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) at Wealth Wizards?  

A: Start early 😊!I have a fantastic team and this means I can focus on acquisition, loyalty, brand management, CRM, multi-channel engagement and digital transformation and still have time to have fun! A typical day involves too many meetings, some highs, some lows, but always laughs. Life is too short not to laugh.

I share an office with our HR Director and Chief Customer Officer and this has helped us apply our varied skillsets to shape our MyEva proposition for the HR community. I learn every day. Data and insight (and what we do with it) drive our activity, sprinkled with some intuition and playing some wild cards.

I spend a lot of time writing, working with creatives and analysing the commercials.

Depending on whose turn it is to get the kids from school, I then either work late or leave early to pick up my kids and hear all about their day too. Their day often eclipses mine, but so it should!

Q: Which Wealth Wizards project/product are you most excited about?

A: All our products can get you excited and yes, even regulated financial technology gets me excited! Why? Because, they help me see how, what starts as a great idea in someone’s head, can be built in an agile way and get launched to market – you could never grow tired of that feeling.

At the core of what we do are three key elements; financial services expertise, amazing tech and empathetic customer experience design skills. I know how awesome this combination is and I have seen the future of financial services and (deep joy) it is not steeped in jargon, legacy stereotypes or cumbersome tech - hurrah!I am most excited about our own brand of Turo technology: MyEva. MyEva is a regulated digital financial adviser and her persona is designed to make an empathetic connection with people from all walks of life, regardless of financial status. MyEva is also ‘living’ proof of how we will achieve our purpose as a company, ‘to make financial guidance and advice affordable and accessible to all’ – an AI you want to have in your life. I played a part in creating her – how bloody exciting is that?!

Q: Tell us a little-known fact about you.  

A: I have a backbone of titanium from spinal fusion and I secretly think the David Guetta/Sia track of the same name is about me and I sing it to myself when I need to.

For insights and posts from Liz, click here to follow her on LinkedIn.

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