Introducing: the Retirement Lifestyle Planner

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Introducing: the Retirement Lifestyle Planner
Planning for the future has its challenges, such as how much do you need to save now to have enough when you retire?

What sort of lifestyle will you be able to afford? These are key questions that don't cross people's minds enough.

We want your employees to be able to live their best lives when they retire, without having to scrape  by on the bare minimum.

But where do they start? How do they know how much they'll need and how much to start saving now?

We are excited to launch the ‘Retirement Lifestyle Planner’ which helps employees envisage the retirement lifestyle that suits them best.

Employees are able to use the tool to decide on a personal target, discovering whether they are on track or whether they could do with saving more.    

For employees to feel in control of their retirement, it is best to engage with their pension and savings as early as possible.

The 'Retirement Lifestyle Planner' is for employees of any age, from those who are just starting to save into their pension, to others who are a few years away from retirement, the ability to imagine their ideal retirement lifestyle and then get on track for it will put any mind at rest. The tool is one of many services in MyEva our digital financial wellbeing app for employees. If you would like to find out more, get in touch.

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