Easing money worries with MyEva - December campaign

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Easing money worries with MyEva - December campaign
With Christmas putting pressure on people's finances and the need to spend money, this time of year can be particularly difficult for many of us.

Reflecting on this, MyEva’s December campaign to users focused on ‘money worries’.

The campaign was targeted with particular messages to different demographics. Content was also informed by data insights from MyEva, after careful analysis of the most popular topics engaged with amongst employees.

Recognising that December can be a stressful time of year, and that's without a worldwide pandemic, the communications aimed to assure employees that they're not alone and there's a lot of help and support available.

Sent out to employees in dual MyEva and employer branding, it was able to point employees in many directions for digital help with their finances.

MyEva has a comprehensive content library of useful articles and resources, among them are articles about how certain people were able to overcome their worries about their finances.

Employees were also given the option for a free 30 minute call with a financial expert to help answer any specific questions on retirement, pensions, savings or debt.  

The MyEva team also worked in collaboration HR teams, providing images and articles for to provide a multi-channel experience to employees.

If you would like to provide MyEva to your employees to help them improve their financial wellbeing, get in touch with linda.anderson@wealthwizards.com.

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